• Two Trellis Columbarium
  • Faith 96-niche Columbarium with The Offering Statue as feature
  • Private Cremation Estates
  • Ground Cremation Burials
  • Benches, Boulders
    and Blocks
  • Custom Memorialization
  • Community and Private Options
  • Water Feature
  • Beautifully landscaped
  • Tranquil garden setting

Limited spaces available

Families shared with us they love the beauty of our gardens, but wanted more natural choices when selecting cremation. That’s why we created The Fountains at Springfield cremation garden, to bring endless natural and beautiful ways to be together, forever.

A curved walk, native grasses, statues and benches provide the perfect setting to remember a loved one.

From scattering, single niche space to family estates you will find the widest range of options have been designed into the area.

One of the features are the fountains themselves, which will be cascading over large, natural stones. The sound of the falls will bring comfort and serenity during reflections on memories.

A destination point anyone can feel comfortable visiting, we invite you to call today as the number of spaces available are limited.

Call us to explore, design and secure a space in this unique area.