Perpetual Care

Springfield Memory Gardens and Funeral Home has established a perpetual care endowment fund to ensure the future care and maintenance of the cemetery forever without assessing the owners or families any additional cost.


How does our perpetual care work?

In 1979 the State of Tennessee enacted legislation requiring all public cemeteries to establish a perpetual care endowment fund to help ensure the care of the cemeteries. These care funds are not required by church, community, municipal and private family cemeteries, which is why some of these older cemeteries are unkempt today. Our cemeteries place 20% of each property sale into irrevocable trusts which are currently valued at over $5.5 million dollars. Your family will never have to worry about the maintenance and upkeep of your cemetery.

We are pleased to be able to provide you and your family the peace of mind in knowing that the cemetery will remain beautiful for generations to come.

To uphold this promise, the trust continues to accumulate funds that address the general care and preservation of the cemetery at large, now and in the future. The trust, funded by a portion of the purchase price of burial rights sold, ensures that the cemetery grounds and facilities are properly maintained.

Why is perpetual care the best choice?

Without a perpetual care trust you are not ensured that the responsibility of maintaining and preserving your loved ones final resting place won’t become your responsibility. The added burden and maintenance for you, may incur additional expenses and hardship for you and your family.

Because we have a perpetual care trust, you can rest assured there will be no additional burdens for you or future generations.


How secure is the perpetual care trust fund?

The State of Tennessee regulates and oversees the rules and regulations for the handling of the funds and the manner in which they may be utilized. This ensures the funds are maintained for generations to come.