James "Jimmy" Neal, Jr.

Born in Nashville, TN on July 29, 1960

Departed on April 4, 2014 and resided in Bethpage/Hartsville, TN

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James “Jimmy” Neal, Jr. Age 53 of Bethpage/Hartsville passed away April 4, 2014 suddenly.
He was a caring, polite, happy go lucky kind of person that had never met a stranger in his life. He was a sportsman that loved the open road. He enjoyed eating, going 4-wheeling, spending time with his family, and most of all to ride his Harley Davidson. He was a member of the HOG, Rivergate Chapter in Madison, Cave Country Chapter in Bowling Green motorcycle clubs.
Preceded in death by his step-grandfather, Tom Fivash. Survived by his parents, Carolyn Neal & James “Jimmy” Neal, Sr.; brother, Richard “Richey” Neal, Sr.; niece Carolyn Donica (Luke); nephews, Richard Neal, Jr. & Christopher, Neal (Sheena), Aunt, Linda Kirkpatrick (Jimmy), uncle, Leighton Houdeshell (Loretta); Uncle, Mike Pharris (Aunt Jane); grandmother, Billie Fivash; special friend, Joy; beloved pet, Missy; several extended family member & friends.
A Life Celebration will be held 2pm Monday at Hendersonville Funeral Home. Visitation will be 3pm-8pm Sunday & 12pm-2pm Monday at HENDERSONVILLE FUNERAL HOME 353 Johnny Cash Pkwy Hendersonville, TN 37075 (615) 824-3855 springfieldfh.wpengine.com

19 Comments to James "Jimmy" Neal, Jr.

  1. Richard DeBlois says:

    The times we were together will never be replaced. Jim; you will be missed.

  2. Tammy says:

    Love you Jim. I will miss are times when u kidnapped u and missy Missy loved to come and visit her mom n dad at the house. Ur rides were amazing. Ride freind my angel and keep an eye over us



  4. Kathy Mowell says:

    Jim, U will be missed so much. U were a very dear friend of mine. It is so hard to believe u r gone. U r n Heaven and will not suffer anymore. Keep that smile on ur face and watch over all ur family and friends. Love ya and u will never be forgotten.

  5. Eleanor Ensley says:

    Ride in Paradise on streets of gold. ~~ Ride in Peace Jimmy.

  6. Pam Higginbotham says:

    We met in 2004 and you were my first official biker buddy. I will miss your innocent humor..you made is laugh when you were even trying. I will miss talking about our 4 legged babies, your rides and your contagious smile. So glad I was able to come see you Tuesday…upset that I can’t come back to see you like I promised. Ride high my friend and know you will be sorely missed and always loved.

  7. Al "Slowhands" Burlas says:

    Never to be forgotten ! So glad to have spent time with you ! We all Love ya !

  8. Pam Louallen says:

    I first started chatting back and fourth with Jim ( HD Rider ) on BON for about a year before I got to meet him, I always ejoyed our daily emails. Finially met him during a ride last summer, I was happy to have got to know him. He had a kind Smile that always stuck with me when I heard his name mentioned. He was such a kind and pleasant , friendly man. From the first moment of meeting Jim he was a friend for life….. Love you my Friend .. RIP

  9. Susan Farley Clements says:

    I am so sorry to hear that Jimmy passed away. I haven’t seen him since 1988 when we all used to go clubbing at Rivergate. He was a good friend then and I’m sorry we lost touch. Sending prayers and condolences to his family.

  10. Caroyn Marie Donica says:

    Uncle Jimmy, the love and legacy you leave behind will be missed. You were a great friend, brother, son, and uncle. As I reflect on your life and how it impacted mine you have left me with this: 1. Stay on your toes in order to be the first in the food line at grandma and papa s. You snooze you lose. Lol. 2. When you were in pain after getting your wisdom teeth out and I pulled your chest hair, little did I know I would wind up in the dental field. Thanks for that. 3. Family is the most important thing and even if they aren’t blood, your friends are still family. 3. Treat your parents with the utmost respect. 4. And Live each day like it’s your last. You have had so much impact on those close to you uncle. Some people may not realize exactly how you touched their life or their heart, but I pray today as they look back at your legacy and see how much you are loved and that you never met a stranger, that they will use the gift you left them with for only good things. I pray that grandma and papa feel the love from others today and forever so they can see how many lives you touched. Now that you are with God and out of pain, I know with all my heart that you are looking down on us mourning your loss and tell us to continue the ride on earth because we will all be together one day in heaven. Ride on uncle Jimmy. We love you!

  11. Tink says:

    I will miss our Saturday texts Jim and seeing you @ Bikini Beach. Today I will be celebrating your life with all your friends. I am very glad you came into my life as a friend. You will be missed!!

  12. Toni Matthews says:

    Jim left me at his home to put closeure to Joy Stating to me at 8 30 am when he got back home from her house that there only going to just be friends and wanting me to stay longer we text that morning him telling me that he was going by the bank to put the money that he sold on his trailer cos I told him I would wait until he got back… He hug me alots of times before he went to Joys stating he was sorry and hugged me at least 10 times telling me this I told him that I miss my grandchildren that I had to go home before he went to joys he wanting me and him to live together we had so many plans.. I did what he ask me to do when I was at his mom and dads the last time I seen him Me leaving that morning he wanted me to stay I told him that it had nothing to do with him and joy although it hurt. We had a few drinks and I don’t drink and drive that’s why I didn’t leave his home that night……I was suppose to been there for his Birthday I couldn’t be there cos I got side trackJ Jim knew… I told him I was sorry! He forgave me! We was looking forward into the future He said that his friends was going to turn there back on him if he went back to Joy…. Jim and I was close I told him that I didn’t know what I wanted when he invited me down he would say I hear that! stating him neither. We was Real!! Up front with each other We are 2 Honest ppl…..But! Something happen like none before with anyone else We talked deep that we will take i with us 4 life!.Him and I kept texting and talking on the phone I know he Loved me back and he knows that he was loved by me cling up to his death and His mom and dad knew this I love PEOPLE that are Real….There Awesome! They know the Truth about us! He told them while I was there….Jim you know as well as I do the Tureth will set you free! I always said to my children evetyrthing happens for a Reason..Thank you for evertything Your Awesome! It is what it was! Least there was no hanky Panky which means more to me, Instead of joy telling him Friends then friends and Benefits Then just friends! I feel Hondered by you Jim Jr. Our Souls Connected! I’m Real and so was Jim HD Rider! It Was What It Was! I will recognize your voice in heaven cos I have been getting back on track…. People don’t judge me! Cos I am gods child to and a gospelsong writer, that God called me to do… Jim knws this! Each an every moment we spent together was Grrreattttt! We had This Babe! Isn’t God wonderful! I will never forget you! You passed away the day before My grandsons Birthday April 5th How could I forget you Peirod…. We learned some things together! I love you more than life its Self! I think your true friends knows this! Glad we met and I Thank Crash for Introducing us and Nanners! There Awesome Friends of mine and Thanks to him Crash we got to have met….After shortly knowing you ii didn’t know you was sick! and you didn’t know it! Maybe you did that’s why You wanting me to move in share expenses! Which is ok with me…… I want lie! I feel lthat I was your Special Lady! Sorry Joy! Again I cant see him in a Casket! I’m Sorry! I can’t help that we We Where in Love! Like me or not I knew Jim was in love with me too!! That Simple! I was left to know! Onely!
    Again everything Happens for a Reason! I love and in Love with you and Everyone Knows This! I Bevieve God Has A PLan! Again I lListen too You….. My and yours have the Truth! I Hope and Pray that they saw the Turthv! Jim I love you and will too the day I Diie……..What Time we shared was Grrreatttttttttt! We had so much in Common! I think you knew But! I didn’t!! That’s why you wanted me too move in share expenses Which is ok with me COS I Love You!And I Know Deep Down You Was In Love With Me! Your Near I feel you and the night you passed I dreamed about you and me It was Bright! Just You and Meeeee….. Nice! I feel that god wanting me to see this vision! You will be Missed! I’m Real I Will Tell It Like It Is Truth Is The Truth! I know where I Stood! Not to offend no one! Truth! I love you JIm HD Rider we where ment to Be!! My BestFriend You will Not be forgotten! I can’t see you in a Casket! Cos Of What We Had!! and Planned… To remember we don’t know what God has in Plan for us! Going to bed an cry myself to too Sleep! I sent some pretty Flowers! like you wanted You told me that you waned your ashes all around your home and land… I love you! and see ya when its Gods time for me We had Wonderfuf times to gether

  13. Jim and Cibyl says:

    Carolyn and Jimmy…..so sorry to hear about the death of your son Jimmy, Jr. We will be holding you up in prayer.

    Sincerely, Cibyl and Jim
    St. John, KS

  14. debra and lewis williams says:

    Rest in peace! You will be missed. Glad we were faceboom friends!! Ride on and take your place in Glory!!

  15. Essential1 says:

    I still remember our first meet…our first hug….and an everlasting friendship. I definatley admired your spunk and outgoing personna. So few like you. I had a great time at our last new years eve party together. Lots of laughter all around. U are one of my one of a kind friends. U will be mist and remembered. See u again real soon. Essential1 and little Essense

  16. JJ says:

    I will remember you with that great smile and laughter. RIP I will miss you. There will be only one Jim n Missy

  17. Paula Oliver says:

    Jim was a good man and I hate that he got so sick and had to go. He’s in a better place now, sitting at the right hand of The Lord. Til we all meet again, farewell my friend, Jim Neal. God bless your family.

  18. Ruby R says:

    I meet you in July 1978 since that day you have always had a special place in my heart. We shared so many
    memories of our life together. Those are memories no one can ever take away. You will be sadly missed by many.
    I know you are in harley heaven riding pain free with that big smile on your precious face. Thank you for the many
    good times we shared together. I will love you always.

  19. Trish says:

    Jimmy and I had so many great times together. We go back to the late 80’s and it didn’t matter when we saw each other, there was always that special bond between us. There will always be a special place in my heart for Jimmy. Condolences go out to the family, may the Lord comfort you all. You’ll see him again with that smile on his face. I will love you forever…’til we meet again…

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