Our Caregiver of the Month: Amy Walker

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We are excited to award an amazing caregiver from Caris Hospice this month! Her name is Amy Walker and she definitely takes the time to go out of her way to make families feel at ease with not only their loved one’s transition to death, but also in the steps that follow. She explains the process and what they can expect to happen when the funeral home arrives. It means so much because Amy has gotten to the know the family and developed a level of trust so that when our staff arrives to pick up their loved one, there is a sense of calm and understanding thanks to her preparation. We know her heart is big as we witness the emotions she feels along with the family. Amy has been described as a kind, generous person who loves her family, is a great grandparent, and would bend over backwards to help not only her patients, but her family and co-workers too! Congratulations Amy!

– Nominated by TJ Tewmey

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