Our Caregiver of the Month: Deshay Biggerstaff

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Congratulations to our Caregiver of the Month, Deshay Biggerstaff.

Deshay Biggerstaff of Alive Hospice has helped countless families in her role as a hospice nurse and always provides excellent care. Even her own coworkers describe her as fabulous! Part of the reason she was nominated for this award is because of the relationships and trust she builds with each family. It is obvious to the staff at Family Legacy when we arrive to pick up their loved one that the family has been fully prepared for the next steps. They seem more at ease with our arrival and accepting to trust us with the care of their loved one thanks to her preparation. And the heartache we have seen her experience right along with the family shows why she is able to do this job with so much caring. Thank you Deshay for making a difference for these families and even starting our relationship with them off on a good note as well!

– Nominated by TJ Tewmey

L to R: Brian Blumenberg-Family Legacy, Deshay Biggerstaff-Alive Hospice, TJ Tewmey-Family Legacy


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